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Who is Spatial-Ed?
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Laura M. Levy

Laura is the founder of Spatial-Ed, a GPS/GIS consulting business emphasizing geographic fundamentals, hands-on training, and ongoing support.  Her company's goal is to empower clients by integrating strategic thinking and geospatial tools to provide documented, defensible data as the basis for informed management decisions.  During her 6-years as GIS Specialist for the BLM in Winnemucca, NV, in addition to day-to-day office support, she led efforts to monitor stipulations and daily population figures at the Burning Man event, to inventory over 3,000-miles of route for travel management planning, and provided Trimble-certified GPS-to-GIS training to over resource specialists across the West.

And extra-spatial thanks to our friends and associates
for never ending support...and fun!

Joel Cusick, GPS Specialist and TV Geodecist
National Park Service/Alaska Regional Office

Ken Bays,  Lead Geodetic Surveyor Oregon Department of Transportation
Technical Manager, Oregon Real-time GPS Network (ORGN)

Julian C. Idle, Product Manager
Mapping & GIS, Trimble Navigation, New Zealand

Diane Nelson, Geospatial Technologies Training Coordinator
BLM National Training Center, Phoenix, AZ

Chad  Minteer, GPS/GIS Manager
Electronic Data Solutions, Jerome, ID

Dayle Sherba, GPS Coordinator
BLM, Anchorage, AK

Sarah Sue Campbell, Usability testing for all training materials

Location, Location, Vocation....

To serve you, Spatial-Ed originated in the beautiful Northern Nevada High Desert (Winnemucca, NV) and has recently expanded to the fabulous Texas Hill Country (Bandera County, TX)

...still trying to acclimate to all these trees - they are so much taller and greener than sagebrush!