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Combine these background layers with the Route Inventory and RaceRoute project data posted at Spatial-Ed, as well as any of your own data.

NV Administrative Boundaries

BLM Office Locations

(5 Kb)

BLM District Boundaries

(238 Kb)

BLM Field Office Boundaries

(409 Kb)

BLM Land Use Plan Boundaries

(415 Kb)

Surface Management (Land Status)

(3.4 Mb - LARGE)

*Note: Colors for BLM lands in the southern portion of the state are not displaying correctly.

Be sure to click on the area of interest and determine the Surface Management from text in the pop-up display.


(144 Kb)

NV BLM Designated Areas

Wilderness Areas

(918 Kb)

Wilderness Study Areas (WSA)

(456 Kb)

National Conservation Areas (NCA)

(36 Kb)


Roads at 1:100,000 scale

(70 Kb)

USGS Topo Quad Grid

1:24,000 scale grid (7.5 Minute)

(973 Kb)

1:100,000 scale grid

(19 Kb)

Legal Descriptions

Townships(based on Mt. Diablo Meridian)

(680 Kb)

Sections (based on Mt. Diablo Meridian)

(5.7 Mb - LARGE)

So large it will probably slow down Google Earth in the desktop.

Stick with Townships until you really need this level of detail.

All KMZ files reflect data as posted at the NV BLM website as per May 2011

Please refer to the NV BLM web site for the metadata (information about the data's accuracy, purpose, creation etc.  The only changes in the KMZ files poasted here is that the data has been converted from NAD83 UTM Zone 11N to WGS84 as per the standard datum and projection used by Google Earth.

As always, feel free to contact us if should you need any of the layers posted on the NV BLM site not already posted here.


Registered users click here to access the below KMZ files for FEATURED PROJECTS