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Create locations and attach comments

While data can be viewed directly on this site, comments can only be authored in the desktop application Google Earth.   The following links assist you in creating PLACEMARKS for point locations (road hazard, race start finish), PATHS for linear features (stretches of washboard road, proposed race courses) and for POLYGONS for area features (larger general locations, camping areas).

Marking and Saving Places

Drawing Paths and Polygons

Save your creations to a KMZ file

Your placemarks, paths and polygons in My Places will be saved to a KMZ file.

   1. Right-click on My Places and choose Save Place As…

   2. By default, the new file will be named MyPlaces.kmz

   3. Override this default and enter a more descriptive filename that incorporate items like the geographic region, your name and/or the date in the file name.  As with all file names, it is best to avoid spaces or special characters.

   4. Below the filename, there is also an option to save the file not as .kmz but .kml.  A KML contains the exact information as the KMZ file but is not compressed and will result in a larger file size.  Since you will be sending this file by e-mail, you probably want to keep the default .kmz file format.


E-mail the KMZ file

 Open your favorite e-mail application and add the KMZ file as an attachment.  Be sure to send include the link to install Google Earth on their desktop.

NOTE: Right-clicking on My Places and choosing E-mail will automate many of these steps but you have less control.  You cannot change the filename, choose kml vs. kmz, or save the file to a specific location on your own machine.

Send comments to BLM

If desired, send your travel management and recreation permit comments directly to the Winnemucca BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner, Joey Carmosino, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    While we are closely involved in these projects, comments intended for the BLM should go there directly

Open a KMZ file

    1. Save the KMZ file from your e-mail to a location on your computer. 

    2 From the top-left corner of Google Earth, choose File / Open and navigate to the saved KMZ file.

    3. If needed, make your own edit and export them to a new KMZ file.