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Home Projects Real-time Monitoring at Burning Man (2006-8, 12) How wet was the Black Rock Desert in 2011?
How wet was the Black Rock Desert in 2011? PDF Print E-mail


The playa was pretty wet with water reaching the Burning Man sites as late as June 24th.

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MODIS Satellite imagery overlain with the  Burning Man 2006-10 sites gives some insight.

This satellite imagery enhanced to detect water are shown for approximately every day of 2011 (very cloudy days have been excluded).  Note, the Julian calendar measures the Nth day of each year.  i.e. Day 1 = Jan 1, Day 365 = Dec 31.


Live imagery can be viewed daily on the Friends of the Black Rocksite

Imagery details: 250m resolution Terra bands 7-2-1, please see the Modis FAQ for more details.


Please see our concerns for long-term, cumulative effects on the playa caused by increased use.