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July 2012: Appeal filed for recent BLM-issued Burning Man permit - details here

June 2012: Burning Man 2012 EA finalized by BLM - details here

Spatial-Ed's observations and analysis of impacts for Burning Man 2012 - Burning Thoughts 2012

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Software: Geospatial Experts GPS-Photo Link PDF Print E-mail

The software works with any digital camera and GPS
All digital photos and all GPS-collected positions contain the common element of date and time.  GPS-Photo Link software uses this common time element to "link" digital photos to GPS positions. 

GPS-Photo Link generates
1) watermarked copies of the photos displaying the coordinates of the photo location the photo and other attributes, 2) ESRI shapefiles or a geodatabase feature classes for display of photo locations and hyperlinks to the images, and the management of digital photos spatially, and 3) for non-ArcGIS users, other GIS formats such as .mkml for Google Earth.

A camera with onboard GPS is highly recommended since the gps coordinates and custom attributes entered via the camera back are written directly to the digital image file as the photo is taken.  This greatly simplifies getting processing and file management.  There is no longer a need to synchronize camera and GPS time.  It also eliminates the need to fret over which camera files go with which GPS files - a serious consideration with multiple teams, field sesions or pieces of equipment.  

ArcGIS is not necesary to use GPS-Photo Link.  The software produces Google .kml files and and other common GIS formats.

See for product details.


Poll - Burning Man Earth

What is outlined in red in the 2008 event photo?

Results: Burning Man Reports

Spatial-Ed's Comments to BLM for New Burning Man EA

On-Screen Viewing (Low Resolution, 1.5 MB)

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Burning Man 2008

Executive Summary (118 KB)

Technical Note (465 KB)

Complete Stipulation Monitoring Report (9.47 MB)

...or Download individual studies from report:

Ch. 1 - Monitoring (1.53 MB)

Ch. 2 - Open Playa (3.08 MB)

Ch. 3 - Airport (851 KB)

Ch. 4 - Signs (648 KB)

Ch. 5 - Hot Springs (223 KB)

Ch. 6 - Perimeter Fence (292 KB)

Ch. 7 - Population (457 KB)

Ch. 8 - Trash Transects (428 KB)

Ch. 9 - PeePeePee (Porta-Potty Placement) (304 KB)

Ch. 10 - Cumulative Effects (1.51 MB)

Monitoring Team (273 KB)

Burning Man 2007

Stipulation Monitoring Report (5.61 MB)

Burning Man 2006

Monitoring the successful clean-up of Uchronia art project

Monitoring Report - Poster, Small (120 KB)

Monitoring Report - Poster, Medium (1.5 MB)

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