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Although there are main travel routes through the Winnemucca BLM District are BLM or county roads, the vast majority of routes are -

  • user-created
  • not maintained
  • lack an assigned owner
  • are located on the public lands, but
  • not a part of the BLM transportation system

The term "route" used throughout this site : the means of getting from HERE to THERE

What follows are the formal BLM definitions .....

The BLM Roads and Trails Terminology Team was chartered to ‘establish strategic direction and consistent terminology used by the recreation, planning, National Science and Technology Center (NSTC), National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS), lands, property, and engineering groups to manage the BLM transportation system in activities such as planning, inventorying, designating, mapping, signing, monitoring, developing public information, maintaining, assessing condition, tracking, and reporting data so ongoing alignment of current and future strategic comprehensive travel management and transportation objectives can be achieved.’Their recommended terminology for route classification includes

A. BLM Transportation system


A linear route declared a road by the owner, managed for use by low-clearance vehicles having four or more wheels, and maintained for regular and continuous use.


A linear route managed for human-powered, stock, or off-highway vehicle forms of transportation or for historical or heritage values. Trails are not generally managed for use by four-wheel drive or high-clearance vehicles.

Primitive road

Routes presently used by a number of organizations to describe high-clearance and 4 × 4 routes that are not designed to an engineering standard, but are available for use and should be identified on transportation systems.

B. Non-BLM Routes

Linear disturbances may include engineered (planned) as well as unplanned (user-created) single and two-track linear features that are not part of the BLM transportation system.

from BLM Roads and Trails Terminology, Technical Note 422

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