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This site is ALL about YOU!

Whether you are just starting out, an old pro, or somewhere in between,

....we ALL need a little help once in a while.

“I’ve got a GPS but I still feel lost…”

“Mapping is a tool I need for my job but I am not too sure where to start, which hardware and software do I need?”

We sympathize, figuring out what to ask sometimes the hardest part.

“I need to knowledgeably use equipment as field conditions change and troubleshoot equipment issues without getting bogged down in the theory of everything.”

We understand, GIS is a tool, not your job. Our field-to-finish focus allows you to incorporate GIS/GPS skills and tools you can apply immediately to get the job done.

“But the answers aren’t in the manual ! ”

“This manual is too technical, is this even English?”

“Manual, what manual?”

Been there, done that.  We have found most manuals and trainings provide resources for only GIS or GPS. That's why we created materials out own manuals.  They are unique in combining a wealth of information from ESRI, Trimble and the voice of experience in a single resource.

"...but my data is isn’t in the same projection as Redlands, CA… ”

When we’re not teaching, we are out in the field working. Our materials and trainings are based on real-world solutions not canned data or exercises. By delivering trainings at your site, you can be assures your local field conditions and hardware are covered.

“I am self-taught, am I doing this right way?”

"There has to be a better way than what I am doing now”

You've used these tools but just need a refresher and would welcome a few tricks of the trade.  Let's get together and share secrets.

“Where do I find the right resources to train and support a field team?”

While we'd love to stay with you through the whole project, we know this is not possible.  Our materials are designed for use both in the classroom and for as later reference.

EVERYONE benefits from our trainings and materials.....we often learn a thing or two from our students !