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General information on geographic information systems as well information specific to ESRI ArcGIS, the most common GIS software in North America



Geodatabases are the current industry standard storing spatial data. This site focuses on the advantages of the GDB for integrating GPS and GIS.



General information on datums, coordinate systems and projections. Like a house without a foundation, there is no GIS or GPS without these key geographic principles. It’s a tough topic for everyone but we try to take it s-l-o-w-l-y.



General information on the Global Positioning System as well as specific information on data collection, processing and integration into GIS. Stressed here is workflows for integrating data collected by ESRI ArcPad and Trimble TerraSync into ArcGIS.



By showcasing our own integrated GPS/GIS success stories, we provide solid examples of the power of combing geospatial tools with strategic project planning and design.



Check out our offered GIS and GPS courses.