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This project used the NV BLM route inventory data dictionary established in 2005 as a minimum standard.  Collected project data encompasses most of the information targeted by the proposed standard for primitive roads.  Attributes added to meet goals specific to the2009 Motorcycle Race Route project are indicated by an asterisk.

Attributes for the  point feature : Route Point (Route_pt)

  • Point Type (Point type)

    Y,T Intersection, 4 Way, 5 Way, 6 Way, End of Route, Other, End of Day

  • Method

    GPS_Res_Grd, GPS_Rec_Grd, Digitized, Duplicate

  • Comment
  • Date

Attributes for the linear feature: Route

  • Route Type (rt_type)

    Single Track, Drivable Wash, Unimproved; 2-Track, Improved; Dirt/Blad, Improved; Grvl, Paved

  • Road Number (trail_num)

    BLM, County, NV, WSA, Does Not Apply

  • Route Width in Feet (rt_wdth_ft)    NOTE: Approximate

    2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, >20

  • Suitability NOTE: Highest vehicle that can travel it

    Mtn. Bike, Motorcycle, ATV, 4WD/High Clearance, 4WD, High Clearance, 2WD/High Clearance, All Vehicles

  • Overall Condition    NOTE: Use photos to support

   Good, Fair, Poor, Impassable, Does not apply

  • Specific Condition*    NOTE: Requires photo(s)

    Needs Rehab, Good Example, Excellent Example, Does Not Apply

  • Vertical Variance *

    Flat, Gentle Slope, Undulating, Steep, Whoops, Whooped Out, Sidehill, Downhill Only, Does Not Apply

  • Braided *

    No, Yes

  • Soil Type *

    Rocky & Sandy, Rocky, Sandy, Hardpack, Wash, Boulders, Waterfall, Does Not Apply

  • Condition

    Rocky; Rough, Rutted, Washed Out, Brushed In, Loose Sand; Silt, Steep, Trees Blocking, Impassible, Rocks in Road, Poor Drain, Does Not Apply

  • Comment
  • Date