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1. BLM Comprehensive Travel & Transportation Management (CTTM) Program

2. BLM Addressing the Transportation Challenge: Transportation Resource Paper for Reauthorization of SAFETEA-LU

2.6 MB PDF file

3. Transportation and the BLM

State-by-state summaries of transportation types by miles and expenditures, 2006

15 MB PDF file

4. The BLM’s Priorities for Recreation Visitor Services 

‘Workplan Goal and Objective # 1: Establish a comprehensive approach to travel planning and management.’, 2003

1.4 MB PDF file

5. BLM Strategies and Guidance 

Presentation with overview of travel management, land use and recreation issues

2.6 MB PDF file

6. BLM National Management Strategy for OHV use on Public Lands, 2001

341 KB PDF file

7. BLM Executive Order - Use of off-road vehicles on the public lands 

Executive Order 11644 of Feb. 8, 1972, appear at 37 FR 2877, 3 CFR, 1971-1975 Comp., p. 666

8.    BLM Roads and Trails Terminology, Technical Note 422

2.4 MB PDF file

9.    BLM Planning and Conducting Route Inventories, Technical Reference 9113-1

2.6 MB PDF file